10 More Days to Being Fully Vaccinated

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The last time I had my Covid vaccination, I spent the next day just sleeping it out. Not sure if it was a side effect particularly for people who chose Moderna but my parents who chose Pfizer weren’t hit as hard.

Why I chose Moderna? After reading this article by New York Times and comparing the tiniest of details, I figured I should get this out of the way so that the side effects don’t haunt me when school starts. So, it was ultimately a question of which dose could be administered the earliest.

Anyways, I had my second appointment on Wednesday night and so I cramped most of what I wanted to do this week before then. Which was definitely, the right decision.

I spent Thursday and Friday just sweating my fever out. 

But I am alright now and here’s what happened this week.

Tuesday, July 20th, was a special day because not only was it Hari Raya Eid al-Adha but it was also Joel’s birthday.

Obviously we haven’t been seeing each other much since school and ever since the updated Covid regulations in Singapore kicked in, chances of planning future outings became even smaller.

Which bummed me out because now I have to learn how to use the postal service so I could mail his gift over. 

There was a huge fuss this week in the news, with many just displaying their anger towards the new regulations in response to the recent spike in cases. But I guess you have to do what is necessary when necessary. Here’s the link to the full article stating all the updated changes.

Now my family does this weird thing on the first day of every Hari Raya lately because we don’t have any grandparents left to visit so what we do is that we just hang about, waiting for someone else who is free to invite us over. Usually they’re busy with their own families and likewise, this year too. Therefore, by late afternoon we booked some tickets to catch Marvel’s Black Widow. Now if my dad does not sleep during a movie, it implies that the movie was probably action-packed one that was easy to follow. True enough, it actually was a decent movie.

Afterwards, I cycled over to my Brandon’s place to catch up with my old schoolmates. I realised that I would be moving in to my hostel accommodation next week, on the 30th. And that probably was the last time we saw each other until school term starts with some starting in NUS, NTU or SMU. Obviously it is a little sad but there is so much to look forward to in the next few months and years. Sure you’ll be even closer if you spend more time with each other. But I look forward to hearing the craziest stories when we meet once in awhile.

And my drawing is 70% complete– the main columns are drawn, tympanum added and it is really starting to look like my best piece to date. I know I planned to finish it on the 20th but pushing it back to the 30th now- just before moving in.

Not sure why my photos have this yellow tint on it, but hopefully I could set up proper lighting for the actual photo once it has been completed.

Photo: (In-Progress) Drawing of National Gallery Singapore

There was this Culture Cartel X Hydroflask (SG) competition inviting us to design a flask for National Day in relation to the theme of “Street Culture”. I love competitions because it is just another reason to do more, to think more and to create more. The issue I faced wasn’t really designing or coming up with an idea but actually finishing it. I spent so much time resting and completing menial tasks that were so unnecessary that I was left to decide among

1. Working on my drawing
2. Completing this blog and
3. Working on the design

this morning.

Sure if I gave myself till 2359 tonight I would have completed it but would it have been a good design?

Would I have been affected tomorrow morning feeling all burnt out?

If I divided my time and energy among those three tasks would I be able to write or draw as well if I had only focused on those two tasks in the first place?

I guess some people would say I was just lazy. I mean sure, I’ve had a long week and knowing that by this time next week, I’ll be in my hostel room unpacking, I just want to spend the time doing what I love- working on my drawing and drafting up this blog entry.

After the vaccination on Wednesday night, the week probably went on this steep downhill curve. For this week’s Architecture-related segment, I plan to share a section I bookmarked on Francis D.K Ching’s Architecture (Form, Space and Order) [Link to Amazon Listing]:

Renaissance Architects believed that their “buildings had to belong to a higher order, returned to the Greek mathematical system of proportions.”

p.326: Architecture (Form, Space and Order) by Francis D.K Ching

This was interesting because as tedious as it was, I love the buildings in the Renaissance period because not only were the proportions easy on the eye, but each building was a monument of its own kind. Which is interesting because nowadays buildings aren’t as grand or monumental, they all have this modern touch that kind of blends in with the environment. And it’s hard to find a modern architect who thinks the same way as them. Or at least an architect and a client who think in that manner.

I’ll be meeting lots of people over the course of next week and getting used to the new normal at NUS and Tembusu College. To be really honest, I don’t feel worried. Just a some checklists of items to purchase prior to checked in or once I have checked in. I have faith in myself that the next 4 or 5 years here are going to be the best and this is finally it. 

So this week I happened to watch a lot of tech reviews- in particular the GoPro and DJI Drones. GoPros are just crazy at capturing action without getting gear in the way of enjoyment whereas drones shots never fail to amaze me. But I started reading up on Drone Laws in Singapore and made me wonder how much footage of Singapore captured recreationally by drone are actually not allowed. But nonetheless, whatever gets the best angle. But of course, the story or idea trumps any gear. Every time. 

Also being fully vaccinated in Singapore = 14 days after second dose of vaccination. I am now on my fourth day (25th July). Hoping to smoothly ride this wave out. GET VACCINATED EVERYONE


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