An Exhibition on my 21st Birthday

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I used to be so crazy about birthdays and even count down the days once it hits July. But over the years, the people around me changed and maybe a shift in my priorities filtered away all the craziness and hype surrounding it. Birthdays are amazing- only now, it has become a day I prefer to spend doing what I love and setting more goals for my older self. 

The highlight of my birthday week (other than the birthday celebrations):

Part of me wanted to pursue architecture or any art/design-related course simply because studio time was the best time I had in school. And after a two years break from school, it just felt a little nostalgic to have studio time again. Here’s how the system looks like in school: there are about 115 students, once in awhile there’ll be a main lecturer addressing us but we’re split to groups of 12, with our individual tutors and studio mates. Anyways, it was the best 4 hours I’ve had in awhile and no doubt I’m looking forward to the next studio sessions.

Being 21 does feel a little different. It feels a little clearer. I’d like to think 21 years is enough time to get my priorities straight- where do I expect to be in the next few years? Favourite ‘music/artist/hobby/past time’? Set certain pet peeves and wants. 

If my 20 year old self saw me today typing this blog out and sharing my opinions, would he be proud of what I have accomplished in the past year? The easy answer: yes. So many things have happened over the past year. Some may or may not have gone according to plan. But the fact that I could answer that question with a definite yes, it just gives me the affirmation that I’m doing the right thing.

I have many goals for the next year which I shall keep from this blog simply because they are personal goals to me, and only feels right to share once I have achieved them. This year marks my first year in 3 years that I finally spent birthday not in a 24 hour shift at a fire station. It feels different and although birthdays in school were amazing (because it feels like a parade with so many people cheering you on), we grow up and apart and eventually, we’re left with people closest to you. This surprisingly makes the birthday even more special to me. 

Photo of Living with Art Gallery (Source: The Honeycombers)

And I did spend my birthday doing something I love. I spent it racing to get my drawing of the National Gallery fixed and framed for my latest exhibition with Living with Art Singapore Gallery. Amongst a steady 100 entries, I was fortunate enough to have this piece selected as the 56 artworks for their National Day Exhibition. No doubt it is just a small, modest showcase but it certainly gets my 21st year on the right track. 

To many more fruitful years ahead.

Living with Art Singapore,
315 Outram Road, #02-05 
Singapore 169074

Exhibition runs from 7 – 22 August, 11am – 7pm.

You can find the Gallery here:

The most awkward moment this week would have to be how the Gallery staff asked me to price my drawing. Firstly, I brought an original and not a print in which I am most certainly not ready to sell yet. Secondly, how do I even price an artwork. Obviously, there are factors that include size, materials, how long it took to create, reputation of the artist and many more. But at this stage, I’m not ready to sell my works yet. If I were sell them, they would have to go at an unthinkable price- enough to fund my university education overseas or cheaper but in limited editions of prints. 


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