Exploration into Hyperrealism

Hyperrealism never fails to amaze the world, myself included. The ability to create art that resembles real life is a skill that I constantly look up to, aspiring to achieve the level of technical competency and patience needed.

I have been a keen follower of such artists, namely CJ Hendry (@cj_hendry) and Steph Morris (@stephfmorris). They inspired me to explore unique abilities Hyperrealistic Art had to offer: the ability to create (alter) and preserve reality.

Creating Reality:
Dr Martens have always been a brand of shoes that I wished to wear but could never afford. For this scenario, hyperrealistic drawings give me a sense of ownership, making owning this pair seem like reality.

Preserve Reality:
In a world with an abundance of automated cars, I opted for a manual driving license with the intention of driving vintage vehicles one day. Driving the classic Volkswagen Beetle, once a gem and now a rare icon on the road, has always been my dream. Hyperrealistic drawings give me a chance to capture the VW Beetle- preserving its legacy for future generations.

These are merely my observations and exploration from this unique style. I am 100% sure there are ways Hyperrealism can be utilised- unique to each artist. Given the current trend, I believe Hyperrealism deserves its own Art Movement in the history books.