Celebrating Mini Victories in Life

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Today is the fourth of July, my first blog entry for the month. There are a few things that I like in life and that is a new year, a new month and just recently, a new week.

I used to hate Mondays and kept harping on the idea of Monday blues and I kept romanticising T.G.I.F Fridays because it was the end of the week and lived by this belief that my week would start then (the weekend). But I realised that this mindset should change and I should treat every Monday as an opportunity to do more.

Mondays are now my favourite day of the week. Whatever that happened in the previous week, put it behind you because Mondays are this new coat of paint you paint over the old one that is the previous week. Instead of looking back on Fridays at how slow the week passed, I would 100% prefer to start fresh and be thrilled at what’s to come in the week ahead.

Everyone loves the idea of having resolutions for the New Year but most of these resolutions rarely get far and are forgotten by many as the year passes by. I was reading the transcript of several TED Talks and realised that Mondays can be a cause for a weekly resolution- an opportunity to set a small goal and hit it. Small enough to accomplish it yet tough enough to be intellectually/physically stimulating. Once this habit gets established, I would continue by setting larger goals in my monthly resolution. 

And it is the start of the new month.

Are there any resolutions I have in mind?

1. I plan on competing my current drawing as soon as possible (target: 20th July).
Why 20th July? Just having a mental deadline honestly drives me to work even faster and I am that kind of person driven not by deadlines, but the challenge of completing my work by a deadline that firsthand feels unfeasible.

2. I plan on practicing a 10 minute morning yoga routine for a better posture by SarahBethYoga.
I thought yoga was something different but upon reading up on its countless benefits and its ability to kickstart my day to a new level just intrigues me. I dont drink coffee or tea and so I have to rely on different methods to wake me up in the morning.

3. I need to remind myself to be constantly open to changes.
It is the start of freshmen orientation and hopefully moving into my accomodation soon too so I definitely need a clear head, an open mind to new surroundings, even if they do not go the way I expect them to be. 

I plan my resolutions in such a way that they are a mix of concrete action plans as well as expectations that are not quantifiable. An example of non-quantifiable plans would be related to character, anything that pertains an aspect that cannot yield raw data. I feel like that was a rephrased answer to some chemistry question but it is true. Aspects as such can only be judged by me and it feels nice, because only I will know whether I have become a better person in that aspect at the end of the month.

This week’s entry seems more of a list of expectations towards myself this month and I think it feels nice because if I should go astray at any point, reading this entry can hopefully recalibrate my mind and eventually focus on my resolutions. 

I am not afraid to share these resolutions or goals with others. For me, it would have been nice to have had someone whom I can relate and share their goals to other people. Anyways, these are my goals and the more people who read these goals, the more people I have to celebrate afterwards once I have achieved them. I am that kind of person who would celebrate any win- no matter how small because I know that there are always good and bad days in life and the easiest way to savour the good ones are through celebrating our mini victories.

It is a short entry but there certainly were exciting things that went on in my week. I bought a new bicycle from Carousell and have been my best purchase to date (other than my camera lenses). The bicycle is more of mode of transport around university campus- hopefully avoiding all the morning traffic and crowd waiting for the buses to come. Just need to breathe right so that I find the right cadence where I won’t be sweating and ruin my clothes for the day then. 

Thank you for reading my sixth blog post. Your support means a lot to me.


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Mini Victories in Life

  1. I’ve just recently started feeling the need to rejoice at my small achievements too, so this entry title instantly caught my eye – or maybe it was the ‘5 mins read’ that did. Regardless, it was a read that was close to the heart, especially considering the fact that I’d coincidentally made some resolutions for myself this month only a few days back. Anyway, I’m very glad to have come across your blog. Keep it up, Zikry!


    1. Hi! So happy that you felt that way when reading this entry, having resolutions have really helped me maintain this focused mindset towards achieving those goals. Thank you for reading and your support!


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