My First Short Film on Youtube

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I did it, I finally posted a video on Youtube.

I mean, it is my second video on my channel- first being this collab for National Service but this is my first short film on Youtube (video playing below).

It is the end of the month and in my first blog post, I wanted to be more productive in a way that I am always ‘doing’. ‘Doing’ as in to be always producing creative work- sketches everywhere I go, drawing everyday, weekly blog posts and now, the monthly short film. By me. 

It is so common to receive feedback from my friends and family almost reminding me how hard it is to make it in the creative industry here in Singapore– with everyone’s mindset so fixated on the common finance, trade and commerce industries and etc. But over the years, I realised that anything in life is always possible, with the amount of effort I put in correlating with the desired success. It is just a matter of how bad I want it

For those who know me, I think it is easy to assume my interests lie in drawing and Architecture.

Writing has been one that has grown recently since I started studying literature and ever since I met Mr Karthik (my literature tutor) said about how we tend to only appreciate literature because the lessons and plots allude to past experiences that we can only understand as we grow older.

– I love films. I love going to the theatres, being blown away by crazy twists, poised acting and beautiful cinematography but it always seem to be the most daunting to explore. But I have to start somewhere through short films.

The reason I am trying to establish my foundations now with the weekly blog, monthly short films and daily drawing is so that once school semester starts in August, I hope to be well prepared and be able to manage these sub-interests. That is the short term goal on why I’m starting this now. But to answer why I am even starting this is even simpler. 

It is a long term goal for me to practice Architecture in the future. But the bigger plan I have in mind is to actually practice these interests altogether– mixing Architecture with writing for an editorial or making short films that capture the entire process of building a home. It might sound very familiar to what Architectural Digest is doing because it simply is. I might be heavily influenced by their magazines and home tours of celebrities but these sub-interests actually drive me to love Architecture even more. That is the goal one day, so I definitely need to be practicing and building my own rapport with people who can guide me to achieve this dream. 

One of my favourite read and video from Architectural Digest

I have no shame in sharing my writing or short films with people. They are my stories and ultimately, they were there because I needed to create a piece through a medium that captures and appreciates the moments I have been through. So that I can look back, not to live in the past, but to appreciate it and to chase even better stories tomorrow

Finally, I created a YouTube channel just so I have a platform to store these videos and also because the music I used has to be produced only on Youtube. Not sure yet of my style but I really love time lapses, aerial shots (even though I don’t own a drone YET) and music synchronised with the film. Here it is: 4 hours of editing, 2 full minutes of shots that best capture my June 2021. 

For those who have trouble viewing the video, here is the link to my Youtube channel. Enjoy!

This isn’t my blog post for the week but rather, for the month to go with the video. Over the past few weeks, I realised it is nice to meet people (families and friends for now) who proudly claim to have read the blog and share their insights with me. Even a simple compliment is enough to motivate me even further because at the start, I didn’t think they would be open enough but people just keep surprising me in new ways. Why I love the world.

Thanks for reading my fifth blog post. It has been a great month.


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