Introduction to Urban Sketching

For more than 9 years, sketching has been my favourite style when creating art. Contrary to popular belief in Art examinations, sketching requires a unique set of technical competency to produce its uniquely unfinished and raw look.

Sketching provides me with the chance to be free with my strokes- having full confidence that each line would eventually complement one another in a unique manner. From an Art background with heavy reliance on creating artworks based on the set rubrics, sketching has become my medium to break free from these set standards- creating art that fully captures who I am.

We should not let others be a judge of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ an artwork is.

Each artist has a different context- a different story they wish to share through their works and I hope my works through this blog encourage others to have the courage to create their own forms of art.

Through social media, I aim to share my travels through sketching on location. This blog then provides me with a way to share even more details on each location- be it the history, food or unique facts. Eventually, I hope to muster enough courage to also vlog these travels, providing viewers with an even firsthand experience of the location. Given the current ban on international travel, I hope to build my style and platform here locally, before exploring unique Architecture around the world. 

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