SGFPC 2019

I had volunteered to cover Singapore Civil Defence Force’s Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge 2019 as part of the publicity team for photography and videography. The event was organised from 22 – 23 November 2019 at the Singapore Expo Hall 2.

My newly-formed team was tasked to cover all the programmes throughout the entire two days: Rip-It-Off, Braveheart Challenge, Rescue Dog Show and more.

We were also tasked with managing the Instagram page for SCDF (@myscdf) and regularly published media to promote the event.

The event consisted of international teams of firefighters from Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and more. The main events included Rip-It-Off (where they extricate a trapped casualty from a car) and Braveheart Challenge (an intense sequence of obstacle courses catered for an elite rescuer).

Video Screenshot: Team Singapore in action during the Braveheart Challenge


This was my first experience as an event photo/videographer and it gave me a chance to fully experiment my craft with like-minded people in the field.

There was ample need to plan ahead in order to delegate tasks to cover every programme at all times. Prior planning was also crucial to capture the best angles and storyline to be showcased on social media platforms, rather than the hobbyist point-and-shoot technique.


It was a good stepping stone for me as I soon took the opportunity to compose a Commissioning Parade video with the help of Marconi Wong for my 20th Rota Commander Course. It forced me to immediately pick up the various features of Final Cut and video editing and will definitely be used as the benchmark for future videos.

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